For window restoration and repair in a church or worship space, we first survey the condition of the existing windows and frames, and offer options for different phases of work: replacing or repairing broken panes or bulged panels; repairing or replacing wood, steel or aluminum framing; restoring historic painted glass; and, if required, complete re-leading of the windows.

Leaded and stained glass windows lend character to many older homes and businesses. Though leaded and stained glass has a long structural life, weather and age can contribute to deterioration of the glass, lead, or frames. Azure is experienced in all types of leaded glass maintenance, repair, and restoration.

Custom Design

Azure studio designs, fabricates, and installs new stained glass windows in traditional or contemporary styles. We can help you realize your desired visual and thematic content in collaboration with your committee members, architect or interior designer. We offer all types of art glass production services including glass painting, etching, and sandblasting.


Protective Glazing

Potential benefits of protective glazing are that it can shield windows from wind pressure; increase energy savings; protect against environmental pollutants and UV light; provide vandalism and security protection, and reduce window maintenance. Potential drawbacks are that it can promote condensation; cause heat to build up in the air space and thereby increase the window's expansion/contraction; eliminate natural ventilation; reduce access for maintenance; offer only minimal energy payback for intermittently heated buildings and mar the appearance.

As a general rule, protective layers should not be added. In most cases the potential drawbacks outweigh the potential benefits.

Under some circumstances, however, protective glazing or screens may be necessary. This applies to windows. Domes and ceilings present a special case. A real vandalism or security threat warrants protective glazing, such as when the windows can be reached easily or are in an isolated location. Protective glazing is also warranted when employed historically on a particular window as original plating. Unusual circumstances (such as when the windows are painted on the outside) may also dictate the use of protective glazing.