St. Timothy Missionary Baptist Church

St. Timothy Missionary Baptist Church – Cleveland, OH (circa 1890s)

Stained glass panels in front transom window were bulged, and had been poorly repaired in the past. Inadequate flat reinforcement bar allowed for a panel to fall out. The wood frame needed to be stabilized and painted as well.

  • Protective glazing was removed, stained glass panels were removed and the openings boarded up
  •  2 steel bars were attached to the interior wood frame and anchored to the stone opening
  • Wood frame was treated with Abatron wood epoxy, scraped, primed and painted
  • Brackets were added to exterior wood joints to give added strength
  • Stained glass was soaked to clean, disassembled and then was re-glazed
  • Round re-bar replaced flat bar, bars were set into interior wood frame
  • Stained glass was re-installed, protective coverings were replaced with new sealants