Franklin Circle Christian Church

Cleveland, OH (circa 1884)

Tower Restoration Project Manager- Frost Building Maintenance Inc.

Nave Exterior Restoration – Azure Studio

Leaded glass in the towers was original to the church–fabricated and installed in 1883. Many panels were missing or in dire need of repair and had plexiglas installed to cover the openings. Parts of other panels were missing and the sections that remained were bulged/folded and broken. Plexiglas coverings discolored from UV exposure.

Scope of Restoration project included:

  • Tower windows were removed, measurements/templates taken, openings covered.
  • Glass matches for replacements were selected, layouts were drawn up to reconstruct missing panels
  • Discolored acrylic along east wall of sanctuary was removed and replaced with vented Lexan (polycarbonate)
  • All wood that was damaged but salvageable received Abatron wood epoxy treatment.
  • All wood frame exterior surfaces were filled, sanded, primed then coated with 2 coats of finish color.

Scope of Exterior Window Covering Restoration project included:

  • Exterior West Side Nave Windows- all discolored plexi removed, wood restored, primed/painted, new Lexan installed in closer proximity to windows to highlight stone details